18 Soft Pastels Landscape


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A handmade set of 8 soft pastels from Unison Colour will help you explore your creative side. The landscape set of soft pastels are specifically designed for the hues of the British landscape. From the lush valleys of South Wales to the rugged coast of Northumberland or the soft light of Cornwall. These soft pastels are designed to be an introduction set of pastels to help you become the artist you undoubtedly are. Specially chosen by John Hersey for their wide range of landscape colours to make your first foray into soft pastels an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Highly blendable and water soluble, they have a buttery texture that makes them a joy to use. Made with high quality intense pigment and manufactured in the traditional way by hand. Unison Colour have pastel making down to a fine art with this Classic 8 Soft Pastel Set for landscapes.


Handmade in Northumbria

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Weight275 g
Dimensions21 × 14.5 × 2.8 cm

Made in Northumberland


North East


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