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England is world renowned for its craftsmen and women. And Sir Gordon Bennett has scoured this green and pleasant land for some of the finest. Those that create goods and gifts that are second too none. British gifts Made in England that people actually want in their lives. British gifts that actually make life better and don't end up in landfill or stuffed in the back of a cupboard or in the loft. Gifts that show that you have actually thought about what you are giving and the recipient. Below you will find a specially curated selection of British gifts Made in England to show how much you care.

Made in England

Not every gift has to cost a small fortune. We all know it is the thought that counts and sometimes the smallest gift can raise the biggest smile. But occasionally you want to show your appreciation for that special person and spend a little more on a British gift. Whatever your budget, you will find a British made gift made in England that suits it.

HAECKELS - Seaweed and Fennel Hand Cleanser

Haeckels Seaweed and Fennel Hand Cleanser is harvested from the Kent coastline. Made from all natural ingredients it is designed to rehydrate your skin and makes a beautiful gift for those who work with their hands. 

St EVAL CANDLES - Camomile Lawn Tin Candle

UNISON COLOUR - 8 Soft Pastel Set

If you are looking for a British gift for someone with an artistic side you can't go wrong with a set of 8 soft pastels. Hand made in Northumberland and are known to be the best soft pastels you can buy.

STAMFORD NOTEBOOKS - Sunshine Yellow Notebook

Hand bound in Lincolnshire. The sustainable paper in these beautiful notebooks come from a Cumbrian paper mill that has been in the same family for 6 generations.  Whilst they are hand bound in Lincolnshire and are a joy to own. A gorgeous British gift made in England.

WENTWORTH - Pewter & Green Leather Hip Flask

The perfect British Made gift made in England is a Wentworth  pewter and British racing green hip flask. Manufactured in Sheffield, Yorkshire with the leather coming from a tannery in Herefordshire. They make a gorgeous British made gift. A little tip, it goes perfect with a bottle of their favourite tipple.

ORIGINAL SATCHEL STORE - British Racing Green Satchel

Made in the spiritual home of the satchel, Cambridgeshire. These handcrafted satchels from Original Satchel Store are crafted to within an inch of their lives and don't leave the workshop until they are absolutely perfect. Made from beautiful leather they get better with age which make them a splendid British gift that lasts forever. 

HALCYON GOGGLES - MK49 Classic Goggles

Halcyon Goggles are the perfect gift for someone who loves the open road. Whether they have an old Triumph Bonneville or a classic MG Midget. They are the real deal and are traditionally made in Hertfordshire, England. They come with UV protected lenses.

STOLEN FORM - Blue London Brick vase

Stolen Form London brick vases, are of course handmade in East London. They go great in any style of room and are a real talking point. The humble London brick has never looked so good. Give them with a bunch of their favourite flowers.

AJOTO - 18ct Rose Gold Aluminium Pen

There are pens and then there are AJOTO pens. AJOTO make truly unique pens. Weighted to perfection for ease of writing. Utilising some of the finest British manufactures to create a British gift they will love.  Made in Manchester.

RISDON & RISDON - Full Length Denim Apron

Risdon & Risdon make some mighty fine aprons, all handcrafted in Shropshire, England. Made from some of the world's most sustainable denim. They are so good they didn't just put their name on it twice, they also come with a lifetime guarantee. 

RICHMOND KETTLE CO - No8 Beehive Kettle

thing more English than a good cup of tea. And there is no finer nor stylish way to boil water than a copper whistling kettle. Hand spun the traditional way by The Richmond Kettle Co in Norfolk as it has been done since Edwardian times. A Richmond Kettle is the finishing touch to any beautiful kitchen. A British gift that personifies England. 

ACME - Sterling Silver Whistle Necklace

These exact, fully working, miniature whistle necklaces would be make a splendid gift and a great talking point in any situation. Made by the world famous ACME Whistles in Barr Street, Birmingham and stamped in the Assay office, they are the genuine article. And jewellery always goes down well.

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