4160 Tuesdays 8 Vial Taster Sets


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4160 Tuesdays create unique perfumes for life's adventurous souls with wit. But we understand that buying perfume online unsmelt (if that is a word) can be a little worrying, so 4160 Tuesdays have created a 8 vial taster set. Giving you the peace of mind of how the scents smell before you order a full bottle of perfume. But be rest assured 4160 Tuesdays make their fragrances with the finest ingredients to create scents that are different from the high end perfumes houses. The taster set contains 8 of the best sellers for your to indulge in.


The Bestsellers:

1. The Sexiest Scent on the Planet. Ever. (I.M.H.O.)

2. Mother Nature's Naughty Daughters

3. Warm Sands Blue Ocean

4. The Orange Tree

5. Wash Me In The Water

6. Clouds Illusion

7. What I Did On My Holidays

8. Eau My Soul


Fruity Florals:

1. Babylon Sunset

2. Rosa Ribes

3. Fluffy Lemon Top

4. Fruits of the Tree of Knowledge

5. Dancing with Strangers

6. Cherry Who?

7. New York '55

8. Red Queen




1. Captured by Candlelight

2. Crikey! Coconut Caramel

3. Lemon Sherbet

4. Over the Chocolate Shop

5. Rhubarb & Custard 1:29

6. Silk, Lace & Chocolate

7. Hammersmith Tea & Biscuits

8. Creamy Vanilla Crumble


The Great Outdoors:

1. Meet Me On The Corner

2. Dandelion Musk

3. New for 2023: Butterlily Damselfly

4. Ealing Green

5. Temptation

6. Freshly Laundered

7. New for 2023: Honey Jasmine Karma

8. London 1969


Amber Gems:

1. Brackenbury

2. The Dark Heart of Old Havana

3. New for 2023: A Flame In Your Heart

4. Take Me To The River

5. New for 2023: Pirate Queen

6. New for 2023: The Big Smoke

7. Shazam!

8. The Extra Sexiest Scent on the Planet. Ever. (I.M.H.O.)


Off To The Woods:

1. Saltburn Driftwood

2. A Walk in the Forest

3. New for 2023: We're Not Out of the Woods Yet

4. Burnt Cedar Rainbow Doves

5. New for 2023: Salt Rose

6. Maxed Out

7. Oakmossery

8. Another Kiss by the Fireside


The box has been designed by artist Bina Kalyan and made in Watford.


Crafted in London


Note: For UK delivery only. These items can not be delivered to the EU or US.


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