Handcrafted Apron

Is your birthday boy a bit of a doer? Is he always in the shed, garage or garden? A Risdon & Risdon handcrafted apron would make an ideal gift. Made from hardwearing cotton with a lifetime guarantee; they look as good as they work.


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Made in Shropshire.


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Additional information

Additional information

Weight762 g

Heritage Grey


Risdon & Risdon


100% 12oz Cotton. Italian Leather. Nickel plated brass clips


Using a screwdriver remove the screw rivets holding the straps. The apron can be machine washed at up to 40°C. Wash dark colours separately. Dry away from direct heat. Gently pull the leather back int


86cm from top of bib to hem. Adjustable belt fits waist up to 45cm.


West Midlands

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