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Hive Mind Eau De Parfum from Redolescent is inspired by the founders love of beekeeping. The distinctive smell of the gloves after visiting bees. The scent of the bee hive that is made of Cedar wood. And of course the beeswax and honey.


Lemon and ginger guide you in to a bee hive at the peak of summer. Pulsing with energy and bursting at the seams with honey, this fragrance is a dripping in luxury.
Wrapped around the honeyed centre are layers of real beeswax. The beeswax grounds a fragrance which could otherwise be too sweet. Unlike some other overly sweet fragrances, this has depth and warmth, owing to the wax, cedar wood, and a hint of jasmine, that stops the perfume feeling too childish. It is refined and sophisticated with a classy, gilded, warmth. A modern take on sweet, and not a hint of vanilla in sight!


Size: 50ml
Strength: Eau de Parfum
Notes: Queen’s Pheromone (Lemon & Ginger oils), Neroli, Jasmine, Honey, Beeswax*, Cedarwood.
(*) The ingredients used to create the beeswax note do include real beeswax, Cera Alba, and so is not vegan friendly.


Hand blended in Nottinghamshire.


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