Maria Blue Factory Clock Roman Numerals


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The Maria Blue Factory Clock with Roman Numerals is a faithful recreation of clocks that would have hung on the walls in factories across Britain from the 1930 onwards. These classic Synchronome clocks would have been a common sight as workers looked up waiting for break time or knocking off time. The handmade blue wall clocks, with brushed copper bevel make a splendid blue metal wall clock. And would fit just as beautifully in a kitchen as it would in a living room.


Synchronome were one of the classic British clock manufacturers. Founded in 1895, they unfortunately ceased trading many years ago. They supplied the BBC, The London Underground, Cunard, Liberty's and The Times. But in 2021 Mark Hope-Jones the founder's great-great-great-nephew resurrected the classic British brand. These meticulously crafted recreations have the same all-metal construction and vintage industrial feel, but features a stand-alone quartz movement.


Each Maria Blue Factory Clock Roman Numerals is individually built to order by hand and as such are delivered from the brand themselves. Each blue metal wall clock has its own distinguishing features, arising out of the artisanal nature of the components. A real piece of modern heritage.


Size: diameter 18" depth 3" (approx.)
Case: steel, spun by hand
Inner bezel: brushed bevel
Dial: metal, manually screen printed
Hands: metal, balanced for accuracy

Requires single AA (R6) battery, not included.


Made in Britain

This item is supplied direct from the brand. Express delivery not available. Please allow 3-5 working days in the UK and 5-7 Worldwide.

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