Bronze Acorn Necklace


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This charming acorn, cast in bronze and hung on an 18-inch gold-plated chain, captures the beauty and the power of the humble acorn - a small seed from which great oaks grow.


Acorns are said to symbolise abundance, luck and even fertility. With this British-made necklace, you can embrace the acorn’s quiet potential.


Like all of Issy White’s jewellery on SirGordonBennett, this acorn necklace is the result of countless hours spent searching in British woodland for Nature’s wonders. Issy ‘forages’ for the organic shapes produced by our flora and fauna, then turns them into eye-catching pieces using a process known as lost wax casting. Once the shape has been captured in metal, she works on it in her studio on the edge of Epping Forest, accentuating its natural beauty and gently forming it to fit the human body.

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