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Once you first grip this brass pen you will believe you were born to write. Distinctly tumbled to create a timeless classic brass pen that has small imperfections to add texture and undeniable character. Uncoated, so over time the patina becomes unique so it becomes ‘your’ pen. The Editions Collection are created in limited batches. Edition products come in a black brushed aluminium box with a black cork tray. Contains an ink refill, instructions on how to use and the lifetime guarantee. Whether you are a budding Alan Bennett or a simply like products that make you go Gordon Bennett, this classic brass pen is one to behold.


Made in Manchester.

1200x200 US deliveries - Classic Brass Pen
EU Deliveries 1200 x 300 v2 - Classic Brass Pen
UK Deliveries 1200 x 300 v2 - Classic Brass Pen
Australia Deliveries - Classic Brass Pen
Canada Deliveries - Classic Brass Pen
China Deliveries - Classic Brass Pen
India Deliveries - Classic Brass Pen
japan Deliveries - Classic Brass Pen
South Korea Deliveries - Classic Brass Pen
UAE Deliveries - Classic Brass Pen

Additional information

Additional information


Lead-Free brass Anti-microbial


These Pens are uncoated and will naturally patina over time with use to create a unique finish. Lifetime guarantee.


Made in Manchester


North West

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