No7 Copper Whistling Kettle for Induction & Ceramic


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Hearing a whistling copper kettle boiling is one of life’s joys. If you are looking for a classic, hand spun traditional whistling kettle but for an induction hob Well, Richmond Kettles have been produced the traditional way for over 100 years. The Heritage No7 Induction Kettle is perfect if you are still looking for a traditional look but works on an induction hob. These beautiful copper induction kettles are produced using the highest grade of pure copper. Elegant and timeless. British made Richmond kettles are proudly stamped Made in England. Take high tea to new heights with a classic induction copper kettle.


Handcrafted in Norfolk.


NB: Before use please read the instructions carefully. If you are looking for Gas or Electric stove kettles see Richmond No1 and No3

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Weight1917 g
Dimensions25.5 × 22 × 22 cm



Solid copper kettle. Pure solid brass fittings. Beech handle. Tin Lining.


1.7 Litre capacity


Prior to first use, rinse your kettle thoroughly & fill just below the centre seam. Boil the water & discard. Do not be alarmed if the bottom section appears discoloured after the first use, this is due to the polishing compound which is used during the manufacturing process. Repeat process if needed. Once the kettle has cooled, the area can be wiped over with a soft cloth and warm water to remove this. When using your kettle on a gas stove, be sure to place it directly in the centre of a small burner. If placed off-centre the burner flames could damage the casing in which the coil sits in. The flame should only heat the base of the kettle and never the sides Should you need to descale your kettle, ensure a non-acidic de-scaler is used. Never put vinegar, lemon juice or any other acidic descaling solution into your kettle as this may damage the 100% pure tin lining. We highly recommend not to use abrasive cleaners on any part of your Richmond Kettle. It is also important to ensure there is sufficient water before putting the kettle on the heat to prevent potential damage. Should the kettle boil dry, allow it to cool naturally to avoid any potential damage. Do not under any circumstances fill the hot kettle with cold water as this will damage the 100% pure tin lining.


Made in Norfolk


East of England


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