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Hide Eau De Parfum from Redolescent is a very personal perfume to the founder.  Originally Hide Eau De Parfum was created as an invisible grounding technique to remind him of a very personal moment and turning point for good whilst on a coastal hiking trip in Wales. This was during a time when he was managing ongoing mental health issues. Being such a personal scent it is not for everyone. And he only released it into the world when friends wanted to wear it too.


It is bold and demanding, without being heavy and dark. It lasts well, and can project across a room, so spray with caution! One spray on a hot day will make a big impact. Hide starts with a blast of cold cliffside air, it’s uplifting and bracing. Imagine walking into a dense fog with a strong headwind. Through this initial rush, the blackcurrant note (twisted to an almost blackberry direction) announces itself, it’s wonderfully tart and sour. The edges are softened ever so slightly with damascones.


As far as scent development goes it remains fairly linear, though it does mellow in time to become fruitier and saltier. On some people the salt & sage aspects of this perfume really come into their own later on, while others bring out the dry aged woods. Don’t expect creamy or dark woods though, these are desiccated by years of salt and sea air! You’re on a cliffside in harsh weather. Fortunately, a bird hide in the distance offers shelter from your storm.


You’ll notice that this perfume has a fascinating blue/green colour. This was achieved with a combination of natural materials including a vibrant Blue Tansy oil. Blending this perfume feels like alchemy.


The cap of Hide is a recreation of the bird hide that gave him and his mum shelter during that stormy coastal hike.


Size: 50ml
Strength: Eau de Parfum
Notes: Camphor, Tart Berries, Salt, Sea Air, Dried Woods, Ambergris.


Hand blended in Nottinghamshire.


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