Merge Eau De Parfum 50ml



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Merge Eau De Parfum from Redolescent was inspired by a beach walk at sunset in Wales, where the sky and the sea merged seamlessly into each other.


Expertly crafted as a smooth woody amber with the slightest squeeze of citrus. It is rich and velvety with rounded edges. The vanilla facet smooths any harshness from the woods and citrus to give depth and creaminess which lasts well throughout the day. Textured musks and a few choice materials were chosen to give the illusion of sand. It is a hint of the beach, without getting your feet wet!


Merge sits nicely on the skin, cozy and fully cuddlable. Reminiscent of a serene evening watching the sunset on a British beach. Just cool enough to enjoy the comfort of a plush blanket.


Size: 50ml
Strength: Eau de Parfum
Notes: Mandarin, Orange, Creamy Driftwood Accord, Labdanum, Vanilla, Beach Accord, Textured Musks, Ambergris


Hand blended in Nottinghamshire.


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