Top 10 Gifts for History Buffs

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Are you trying to think of a gift for a self confessed history buff. Someone who just loves the past. Is constantly spending weekends at country houses, visiting museums or has their head in a book on British history (or any type of history for that matter).  If you are looking for that perfect gift for the history buff in your life then you have come to the right place to find that perfect British history gift. Below you will find a wonderful selection of gifts for British history enthusiasts that we know they will really appreciate and will thank you for being so thoughtful. Gifting is never an easy task, so let us take the stress out of finding that perfect gift for the history buff. We have laid out a selection of gifts at different price points as we know that all budgets differ.

Historic GIFTS

ACME - Gold Plated Thunderer Whistle

The ACME Thunderer whistle is almost certainly the most famous whistle the world has ever produced. Not only was it designed for the fateful Titanic's first mates. But it was also the whistle that was used in the rather more fortunate 1966 World Cup Final between England and Germany.  The original of which is in the FIFA museum in Switzerland. This gold plated Thunderer makes a splendid gift to any history buff or even sports fan, even better if they are both. They are also still made on the same tooling machinery that the original Titanic whistles are made on, a true living piece of British history.

ACME - Gold Plated Metropolitan Police Whistle

Before the invention of whistles the Police used to wave a white handkerchief to try and raise alarm or stop a criminal in his tracks. As you can imagine, that wasn't a very successful tactic. Then along came Hudsons and invented the Metropolitan Police whistle for the London met. The pitch is so perfect that it can be heard over a mile away. This gold plated metropolitan police whistle makes a wonderful gift for anyone into the history of the police or London.


Halcyon Goggles have faithfully reproduced the original RAF Goggles that were used during WWII. They are the same as the famous Dambusters would have used. The blue casing & brown leatherwork of these flying goggles is second to none. All lovingly produced by craftsmen in Britain. Any enthusiast of war memorabilia or those fascinated with history would fins these RAF goggles a thoughtful gift, especially if they also have a classic car or classic bike.

RRB PHOTOBOOKS - Strangely Familiar

History comes in many guises and it just isn't wars or conflict that interests people. Modern history and social history is just a fascinating. Strangely Familiar is a photo book by Peter Mitchell who was a lorry driver around Leeds in the 1970's. He began to photograph the changing city for posterity.  It is a wonderful look back on a time we still can just remember. This first edition book will be the pride and joy of any history buff, especially ones who are interested in social history.


For a more unique gift for the history buff who seems to have everything then you can't go wrong with an ACME Clicker. It has had many uses in its time, from child's toy, Jazz band rhythm keeper and WWII D-Day Landings signaller, where under the cover of darkness the Allied troops used the clicking sound to let other allies of their wareabouts in the dark. Unfortunately the German troops realised that they could make the same sound by cocking their own guns and flushing out the allied troops. The sound of British history. 

BAILEY of SHEFFIELD - Stainless Steel Bracelet

The lucky history buff recipient of this gift could be walking round with a piece of history on their wrist. Bailey of Sheffield make their stainless steel bracelets in Portland Works, the works where stainless steel was first invented.

WILLIAM WHITELEY & SONS - Expedition Scissors

If the history buff in your life is fascinated with the industrial revolution and the steel industry the buying them a set of William Whitely & Sons Expedition Scissors would be well received. Made in the home of steel, William Whiteley & Sons are the oldest scissor maker in the western world. They also come in a wonderful presentation case. A practical and beautiful gift for the history buff.

OTWAY & ORFORD - Battle of Britain Silk Pocket Square

This silk pocket square was created using the famous painting, 'Battle Of Britain' by artist Paul Nash (1889-1946), in collaboration with the Imperial War Museums (IWM). Dating from 1941, Nash’s original work was painted in oils on canvas and was one of four large works on the theme of aerial conflict commissioned from him by the War Artists’ Advisory Committee. Which history buff wouldn't love to own a piece of was art that can look so dashing too?


The brick that built a nation is the London Brick. It built the railways, the factories, the terraced houses and the local pub. Stolen Form has reimagined the humble brick into the perfect vase. A great reminder of how important the London brick was in building a nation.


Kent Brushes have been making brushes since 1777, so should know a thing or two about making them. The Ebony Club Hair Brush hasn't changed much over the years either. Expertly crafted by master craftsmen and women from a single piece of ebony it will last him a lifetime. And to prove how good their brushes are, they hold 9 successive Royal Warrants which is a lot of history.

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