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If you are looking for bar & kitchen accessories that are made in Britain? Then Sir Gordon Bennett is with you. You’ve got the perfect kitchen space or bar and you’re proud of it. Now, you just need the perfect bar & kitchen essentials to make it work. The things that add some real depth to the place where you’ll be making delicious meals or entertaining guests. The beating heart of any home.


So, you should adorn it with unique bar & kitchenware that tells a story or that represents you. This is where our selection of gorgeously handcrafted bar & kitchen products comes in. Because we’ve curated a list of British kitchenware and classic barware from some of the finest crafters working in the industry around Britain at the moment. You won’t find ordinary here. Amongst the range of British made kitchenware that we’ve brought together are items crafted with exquisite care. Uniquely British goods that show off the quality manufacturing that it’s so easy to forget we as a nation are capable of.


But if you’re looking for luxury homeware, we can help there too. Or stylish desk accessories for your home office? We’ve got you covered…

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Discover the finest British made bar & kitchen products that are designed to work better and last longer. Featuring retro bar accessories and traditional Kitchen goods. Made using the finest materials and all impeccably designed to not only look beautiful but work better. British made copper accessories and steel utensils that will add a touch of class to your cocktail making and gastronomic skills. Impeccably manufactured and handcrafted in Britain to exacting standards. Whether you are looking for copper kettles, British made pots and pans that will last a lifetime or retro bar accessories. We have a wide selection of British made bar accessories and kitchen utensils.

Cook up a storm with British made products that will be the envy of your guests.

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Unique Kitchenware Made In Britain

The kitchen is one of the most important places in any home. So it’s only fitting that you adorn your kitchen with British kitchenware that highlights exactly what you’d like this hub of activity to say. From carefully made pewter tankards, handcrafted tableware made from slate quarried from Cumbria, 100% Irish linen tea towels to the perfect copper whistling kettle, you’ll find something that fits like a glove in your kitchen spaces.


Perhaps you enjoy nothing more than a wine and cheese evening with friends, or loved ones? Then a slate placemat or maybe a handcrafted cheese board is exactly what you’re looking for. Or maybe your loved one enjoys a special tipple every now and then, and you want to make sure they can savour their favourite drink in a pewter tankard.


From everyday items with an extra-ordinary twist to the little more unique, our range of kitchen essentials provides quality items you need and the ones you’ll just fall in love with. And each is made right here in Britain by expert craftsmen and craftswomen; some still using traditional techniques that haven’t changed since these brands first started making beautiful, British kitchenware.


Because while technology has moved on sometimes it’s good to remember that those original ways of making and doing things are just as good and produce better quality items. The brands we’ve chosen to highlight have moved with the times, utilising modern resources and processes while keeping those detail-intensive, careful techniques alive.


The result? Unique kitchen products that are a delicate blend of solid design, modern processes and traditional techniques, and that add a perfect twist of British eccentricity to any kitchen space. We don’t blame you if you can’t decide what to buy first …