British Made Perfumes

A rose by any other name. One British made product that hasn't had much limelight of recent years is the British perfume industry. But it is growing all of the time with niche fragrances popping up across Britain. And these new perfume houses are not your run of the mill fragrances, no, they are celebratory niche fragrances that are out of the ordinary. They are exciting perfumes and eau de parfum that are doing something that little bit different. These new British perfume houses don't mass produce. They craft and create small batches of exquisite scents that are a far cry from the quick fading big brands. Their scents are more intricate, more vibrant and their scent lasts so much longer.


With scents that are so exciting you'll notice the difference in their depth. The top notes zing, the mid notes are alluring and the base note linger with passion. Who really wants to smell the same as everyone else in the room. These scents are not for the faint hearted or the unadventurous though. These British perfumes are designed to be noticed, not overpowering but just a little different from the norm.


British niche fragrances have come along way in the last few years. And although they may not be household names like the Parisian houses, they are certainly, in Sir Gordon's opinion far superior. And have been winning perfume awards across the globe with their adventurous scents that are stirring up the staid world of perfumes. With big brand perfume brands you are paying for their huge advertising budgets and subsidising their Haute Couture clothes. With British niche perfumes you are paying for the finest ingredients. These British made niche fragrances also make splendid gifts for loved ones too. From luscious evening perfumes and everyday fresh perfumes to unisex perfumes and eau de toilette made in Wales, there should be a niche fragrance to suit everyone.


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