British-Made Father’s Day Gifts

We can all agree dads are special. That is why when you are looking for gifts for Dad you should give him something special. They’ve taught us to ride a bike, drive a car and have encouraged us to be the best we can be, and also been that late night taxi service. He’ll love a British made Father’s Day gift and will surely treasure it. And every time they use it the gift, it will remind them of you. Show your appreciation and love with gifts for Dad made with craftsmanship and love. And if you can’t be with him this Father’s day then each of our deliveries are packed with love and gift packed. We will even hand write a note to say how much he means to you.

Shop British Made Father's Day Gifts

British Made Father's Day Gifts

Buy British-Made Father’s Day Gifts from Sir Gordon Bennett. We are the purveyor of British made goods and gifts with free delivery on orders over £20

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  • Garstin 1871

    Chestnut Brown Leather Satchel

    Original price was: £450.Current price is: £300.
  • Garstin 1871

    Ebony Black Leather Satchel

    Original price was: £450.Current price is: £300.
  • handmade leather apron
    Risdon & Risdon

    Montford Leather Apron – Plain

  • Risdon & Risdon

    Montford Leather Apron – Towel Loop

  • Risdon & Risdon

    Montford Leather Apron – Towel Loop & Pocket

  • Garstin 1871

    Rouge Red Leather Satchel

    Original price was: £450.Current price is: £300.
  • Acme whistles polished brass clicker, d-day clicker, made in birmingham. acme cricket
    Acme Whistles

    Polished Brass Clicker

  • ACME whistles gold plated thunderer whistle, acme whistle thundere whistle presentation box in gold
    Acme Whistles

    Gold Plated Thunderer Whistle

  • banton frame works profile blue sunglasses british made sunglasses
    Banton Frameworks

    Blue Sunglasses

  • Triumph driving gloves, chester jefferies criochet back driving gloves
    Chester Jefferies

    Triumph Men’s Driving Gloves

  • Dick winters old dick men's designer underwear, british made men's underwear boxer trunks
    Dick Winters

    Old Dick Trunks

  • Farmers’

    Farmers’ 1100 Unisex Eau de Toilette

  • Fox umbrellas Dark grained hardwood black city umbrella fox umbrella
    Fox Umbrellas

    Dark Grained Hardwood Umbrella

  • Fox Umbrellas

    Whangee Umbrella

  • kent brushes ebony club hair brush, men's hair brush in ebony, men's styling hair brush
    Kent Brushes

    Ebony Club Hair Brush

  • kokomelt men's exfoliating cubes spa for men. vegan men's skincare, scrubs

    Men’s Exfoliating Cubes

  • green apron on white background made in UK
    Risdon & Risdon

    Original Shropshire Green Apron

  • trade brown apron handmade in UK
    Risdon & Risdon

    Original Trade Brown Apron

  • Risdon & Risdon

    British Navy Apron

  • black canvas apron made in UK
    Risdon & Risdon

    Original Black Apron

  • navy blue handcrfted in the UK apron on white background
    Risdon & Risdon

    Original British Navy Apron

  • grey handmade apron made in UK on white background
    Risdon & Risdon

    Original Heritage Grey Apron

  • handmade red apron handcrafted oin UK on white background
    Risdon & Risdon

    Original Factory Red Apron

  • beech nadle musical saw parkstone musical saw
    Thomas Flinn & Co

    Parkstone Musical Saw 26″

  • corgi hosiery mulit coloured pack of wool socks, finest british made sock collection pack of mens socks

    Lightweight Wool Sock Collection

  • pink wool socks lightweight, Pink corgi wool socks men's socks made in wales

    Pink Wool Socks | Lightweight

  • chrome gas whistling kettle
    Richmond Kettles

    No2 Chrome Whistling Kettle for Gas, Electric & Ceramic

  • ajoto northern coal pen, black designer pen, blacker rollerball pen, pen for life

    Northern Coal Pen

  • stamford notebook vibrant buckram tangerine notebook front
    Stamford Notebook Co

    Vibrant Buckram Tangerine Notebook

  • Dents Hampton peccary leather gloves, finest cork leather men's gloves, luxury british made leather gloves, hand made leather gloves
    Dents Gloves

    Hampton Cork Peccary Leather Gloves

  • heather borg handmade leather laptop cover leather laptop case made in UK
    Heather Borg

    Kodiak Leather Laptop Case

  • Yarmouth oilskins Navy mechanics jacket cotton twill, navy chore jacket, french workers jacket
    Yarmouth Oilskins

    Mechanics Jacket

  • Awling

    Walnut Brown Copper Pavilion Belt

  • william whiteley classic kitchen scissors, william whiteley kitchen scissors made in sheffield
    William Whiteley & Sons

    Classic Kitchen Scissors – 8.5″

  • William Whiteley & Sons

    Chef Knife Collection

  • William Whiteley & Sons

    Chef’s Professional Damascus Knife Set

  • william Whiteley chefs cleaver knife, damascus cleaver knife, large kitchen knife made in sheffield knife
    William Whiteley & Sons

    Damascus Cleaver Knife

  • Whiteley fishermans kit white background 1000x1000 1
    William Whiteley & Sons

    Fishing Kit

  • Story of tools cover small
    Pavilion Books

    The Story Of Tools

  • Brit Stitch milkman black satchel, black leather satchel bag, milkmans black satchel made in wales
    Brit Stitch

    Black Milkman Satchel

  • Brit Stitch

    Brown Milkman Satchel

  • Portamus 0321 22550 clipped rev 2 clipped rev 1

    Rockness Backpack Colemans Yellow

  • Portamus

    Boxwell Knapsack Scout Taupe

  • Gallivant Perfumes

    Istanbul Eau de Parfum Spray

  • Gallivant Perfumes

    London Eau de Parfum Spray

  • Bailey of sheffield stainless steel cable braceletStainless steel bracelet
    Bailey of Sheffield

    Stainless Steel Bracelet

  • Bailey of Sheffield

    Jet Stainless Steel Necklace

  • lone fighter Otway and Orford silk pocket square british made silk square
    Otway & Orford

    Lone Fighter Silk Pocket Square

  • lone fighter Otway and Orford silk pocket square british made silk square
    Otway & Orford

    Lone Fighter Silk Pocket Square Medium

  • Charles Farris british expedition, luxury british scented candle, royal warrant candle
    Charles Farris

    British Expedition Scented Candle

  • Burleigh Pottery

    Black Regal Peacock Breakfast Cup Gift Set

  • cherchbi barret sleeve handmade wool bag in khaki

    Barrett Sleeve – Khaki

  • Wilder

    Mixed Colour Notebooks 3-pack

  • blue men's braces
    Thomas Fortin

    Sky Blue Moire Braces with Camel Glazed Leather

  • Thomas Fortin

    Red and White Ombré Houndstooth Fringed Scarf

  • luxury british artisan food and drink hamper with food in front of hamper
    Thackray Brown

    The Hester Luxury Hamper